Utilize the most popular and highest quality probiotics in the Physician Channel.

Potent. Diverse. Targeted.

Utilize the most popular and highest quality probiotics in the Physician Channel.


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immune protection


Prepare for immune challenges with the Springboard Immune Protection Pack.

Call Your Immune Cells to Action


Call Your Immune Cells to Action

essential nutrition


Create a foundation of nutrition for the first day and everyday with the Springboard Essential Nutrition Pack.


NEW Seleno-Iodide

A synergistic blend of iodine and organically bound selenium to help quickly restore iodine levels and reduce oxidative stress for optimal thyroid and breast health.

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Ortho Molecular Products serves physicians who want their patients to get better faster. Our commitment to service, manufacturing, quality and effective formulas goes into every supplement we develop.

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Our lifelong commitment to efficacy influences every effort we make to formulate efficacious nutritional solutions. This is the power of e.


Formulations That Work

We develop our formulas using the most well-researched and efficacious ingredients.


Quality Beyond What's Expected

We manufacture our own formulas and control every step of the process - a rarity in today's industry


Manufacturing to a Higher Standard

We rigorously test product in our state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory to ensure the purity, strength, and composition.


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We pride ourselves on excellent service, speedy order shipment, and educated technical support.