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Musculoskeletal Health


Buffered C Capsules

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Buffered C allows for higher doses of vitamin C, a critical component of immune health and important antioxidant in the body.


Buffered Lemon C Powder

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Buffered C allows for higher doses of vitamin C, a critical component of immune health and an important antioxidant in the body.



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As the key precursors to cartilage formation, the ingredients in Chondro-Flx provide full support for joint integrity and movement and a normal inflammatory response.



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The ingredients in GABAnol promote muscle relaxation and relief of smooth muscle tension following exercise or strenuous activity.


Glucosamine Sulfate

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The Glucosamine Sulfate formula is a high-purity product and provides maximum support for joint health.



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Inflamma-bLOX is formulated with natural ingredients, like turmeric, skullcap and bee propolis, that have been selected to promote normal inflammatory response and support optimal gastrointestinal health.



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Vitamins K and D act in synergy in the process of supporting and maintaining bone, cardiovascular and immune health. K-FORCE provides soy-free vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 for optimal support of cardiovascular and bone health.


Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2

sku: 870001

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A growing body of research shows that when it comes to bone health, ensuring optimal intake of vitamin K is a critical piece of the puzzle. New research is focused on the synergistic relationship between vitamin K (specifically, vitamin K2) and vitamin D3, especially in terms of bone strength and cardiovascular health.


MSM 900

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Important for the generation of connective tissues, sulfur is crucial for the production of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. MSM 900 is a high-concentration formula for comprehensive soft tissue and immune support.


Myo Malate

sku: 503180

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Myo Malate is a comprehensive formula designed to support optimal energy production in individuals experiencing occasional fatigue, discomfort and tenderness in the joints, muscles and other soft tissues.


Orthomega® 820

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Orthomega® 820 is a high-purity fish oil supplement that supports cognitive function and healthy skin, joints and connective tissues. It also helps maintain a healthy inflammatory response and strengthens immune function.


Orthomega® Pearls

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Orthomega® Pearls provide omega-3 fish oil in easy-to-take chewable soft gel pearls for children’s health needs.