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Bergamot BPF

sku: 598060

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Bergamot BPF contains a powerful and unique array of cholesterol-balancing and cardio-protective polyphenolic flavonoids.


Methyl CpG

sku: 145060

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Methyl CpG is a comprehensive formula that includes targeted amounts of five key nutrients designed to support methylation and homocysteine balance in the body.


Ortho Biotic 100

sku: 474030

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Ortho Biotic 100 is a high-dose probiotic delivering 100 billion active cultures for cases of gastrointestinal and immune distress.



sku: 919060

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AdreneVive is formulated to help respond to HPA axis loading, build stress resilience and maintain healthy HPA axis function.


Methyl B12

sku: 599060

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Methyl B12 includes a concentrated and bioavailable source of two key B vitamins: B12 and folate. This comprehensive blend helps support numerous systems in the body.


DHEA 5mg

sku: 590100

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Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is the most prevalent, naturally occurring hormone in the body. DHEA functions as the counterpart to the stress hormone cortisol. Healthy DHEA levels help balance the catabolic effects of cortisol.


Methyl B Complex

sku: 360060

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Methyl B Complex is formulated with eight essential B vitamins, choline, inositol, and folate to support energy production, and immune, cardiovascular and neurological health.


Liquid Vitamin D3 with K2

sku: 870001

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A growing body of research shows that when it comes to bone health, ensuring optimal intake of vitamin K is a critical piece of the puzzle. New research is focused on the synergistic relationship between vitamin K (specifically, vitamin K2) and vitamin D3, especially in terms of bone strength and cardiovascular health.



sku: 135060

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Vitamins K and D act in synergy in the process of supporting and maintaining bone, cardiovascular and immune health. K-FORCE provides soy-free vitamin K2 and vitamin D3 for optimal support of cardiovascular and bone health.


D-Hist Jr.

sku: 855060

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D-Hist Jr. provides optimal support for nasal and sinus passageways for many of the 40 million Americans who anticipate seasonal challenges.


Probiotic 225

sku: 470015

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Growing evidence supports the use of high-dose probiotics, like Probiotic 225, as intensive support for promoting optimal gastrointestinal and immune function.


Reacted Iron

sku: 259060

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Reacted Iron includes high-concentration, gentle iron to support energy production and a variety of other protocols.