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Orthomega® Select EPA

sku: 448060

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Orthomega Select® EPA is a powerful omega-3 concentrate that supports cardiovascular health and balanced blood sugar levels. It also provides high-intensity support for joint discomfort and muscular-skeletal integrity.



sku: 561060

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Cystistatin combines a unique botanical blend to help maintain a healthy urinary tract.



sku: 840090

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Nattokinase is a powerful enzyme used to support normal blood flow, circulation, and maintain normal ranged blood pressure levels.


Reacted Chromium

sku: 255060

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Reacted Chromium includes highly absorbed chromium for blood sugar support and a variety of other protocols.



sku: 567120

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OsteoPrev is formulated to nutritionally support healthy bone density, increase skeletal strength, and improve bone remodeling.


Vitamin K2 180 mcg

sku: 160030

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Vitamin K2 180 mcg is a high-concentration formula designed to support bone, cardiovascular and immune health. Vitamin K2 180 mcg provides an optimal, soy-free dose of vitamin K2 in the MK-7 form.



sku: 578060

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Balance helps support a regular menstrual cycle. The formula includes chaste berry extract, licorice and peony.


Buffered Lemon C Powder

sku: 140300

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Buffered C allows for higher doses of vitamin C, a critical component of immune health and an important antioxidant in the body.



sku: 111060

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Created from multiple sources rich in vitamin C, C-Flav includes antioxidant protection and enhances immune function. The formula helps support healthy collagen synthesis and connective tissue maintenance.


Deeper Greens Capsules

sku: 614180

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Deeper Greens provides excellent pH, fiber, and a concentrated fruit and vegetable blend to help patients overcome diets lacking the recommended intake of five fruits and vegetables per day.



sku: 824060

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Botanicalm is a synergistic blend of botanicals historically used to support a sense of tranquility by reducing overstimulation and scattered thoughts.


Flax Seed Oil

sku: 431090

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Flax Seed Oil includes both alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid which are considered essential fatty acids because they are required for human health, but cannot be synthesized by the body.