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Reacted Zinc

sku: 256060

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Reacted Zinc includes highly absorbed zinc, the second-most abundant trace mineral in the body, for a variety of protocols.


Reacted Selenium

sku: 254090

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Reacted Selenium includes the amino acid chelate form of selenium to help boost antioxidant reserve and support inflammatory balance.


Reacted MultiMin

sku: 249120

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Reacted MultiMin includes broad-spectrum mineral support for a variety of protocols.


Reacted Magnesium & Potassium

sku: 258060

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Reacted Magnesium & Potassium includes highly absorbed magnesium and potassium to support cardiovascular health and a variety of other protocols.


Reacted Cal-Mag

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Reacted Cal-Mag includes three forms of highly absorbed calcium and magnesium for a variety of protocols.


Reacted Calcium

sku: 251180

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Four different forms of calcium are used in the Reacted Calcium formula to maximize absorption in the body.



sku: 847060

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Pyloricil includes ingredients such as mastic gum, bismuth citrate and zinc carnosine to promote microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract and the stomach.


Prostatrol Forte

sku: 519060

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Saw palmetto extract, stinging nettles root extract and pygeum bark extract each support prostate health, and their combination in a single formula creates a synergistic effect.


Probiotic 225

sku: 470015

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Growing evidence supports the use of high-dose probiotics, like Probiotic 225, as intensive support for promoting optimal gastrointestinal and immune function.


Pro Bono

sku: 350060

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Pro Bono provides the nutritional support needed to maintain healthy bone formation. The single-serving AM and PM packets make Pro Bono convenient, while separating the calcium and strontium servings for better absorption.



sku: 591100

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A key precursor to cortisol, DHEA and progesterone, pregnenolone promotes normal adrenal function and supports the stress response system by acting as a hormone precursor.


Plant Sterols

sku: 429060

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Plant sterols have been shown to promote cardiovascular health by supporting normal lipid levels.