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Tempo Bar - Chocolate Mint

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  • 923_Box_Tempo_Chocolate_Mint
  • 923_Bar_Tempo_Chocolate_Mint
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Tempo Bar - Chocolate Mint

sku: 923012

Tempo Bar is a delicious source of protein and fiber to help maintain upbeat glycemic "tempo" throughout your day!

Available In: Bar
12 CT
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The Tempo Bar provides beneficial amounts of protein and fiber to help maintain upbeat glycemic "tempo" throughout the day!

  • A Good Source of Protein
  • Convenient, Healthy Snack Anytime, Anywhere
  • Helps Maintain Already-Normal Insulin and Glucose Levels
  • Available in a 12-Count Countertop Display Box
  • Promotes Blood Sugar Balance
  • Helps Maintain Normal Insulin Levels
  • Convenient and Healthy Snack
  • Provides Healthy Protein and Fiber

The glycemic impact of a diet is vitally important to promote stability in insulin and cortisol levels. Research has shown that a single meal consisting of high amounts of soluble and fermentable fibers will decrease the glycemic impact of subsequent meals. This sets the foundation for glycemic control for the entire day and helps support the normal transition from high morning-cortisol production.