Highly Bioavailable Minerals

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True Amino Acid Chelates

Small but Mighty

Chelated minerals from Albion are small enough to cross cell membranes in the GI system and rapidly increase mineral reserves in the body.

Stable and Gentle

True amino acid chelates are stable in the low pH of the stomach, preventing the discomfort often associated with other rock salt-based minerals.

Protective but Bioavailable

Chelated minerals are covalently bonded to amino acids, keeping them from interacting with other vitamins and minerals and delivering them, intact, to intestinal mucosal cells for powerful clinical outcomes.

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Breakthrough Mineral Delivery

Albion's patented chelation technology connects each mineral with an amino acid to form a stabile compound for enhanced mineral delivery and absorption.


Our 30-Year Commitment to Efficacy



Not all minerals are created equal.

It's only natural that we partner with one of the industry's foremost mineral manufacturers. With over 130 patents and 190 scientific studies, validated amino acid chelates from Albion Laboratories support our 30-year promise to use only the best raw ingredients and formulate according to proven science.


What do your patients need to know?

Most mineral products on the market cut costs by using rock-salt forms of minerals. Your patients need to know that you choose Ortho Molecular Products because they contain Albion minerals that allow higher therapeutic dosing with greater absorption and no GI discomfort.

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Superior absorption is essential for all of your mineral protocols, and one more way we help your patients achieve their best health.