Introducing Indigo Greens

Deeper Greens is Now Indigo Greens

Indigo Greens packs a nutritional punch with concentrated, organic berries and vegetables that support a low FODMAP diet. Available in capsule and certified-organic powder deliveries, the formula features 16 superfoods to nourish your patients’ metabolic and phytonutrient reserves, boost energy levels and provide full-spectrum nutrition.

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Indigo Greens Capsules

A New, Healthier

take on the standard green drink.

Icon New Formulation

All-New Formulation

Packed with 16 superfoods to boost energy levels

Icon Full-Spectrum Nutrition

Full-Spectrum Nutrition

Concentrated, organic berries, vegetables and greens—a powerhouse of colorful nutrition

Icon FODMAP-Friendly


Supports a low FODMAP diet for a healthy gut and reduced gas and bloating