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Pure Moisturizer

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The Pure Moisturizer is the third step in the SophytoPRO® daily skin care system, which harvests the power of botanicals to promote naturally healthy-looking skin.

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  • Includes sea buckthorn oil, the only plant-based source of omega-3, 6, 7, and 9
  • Helps maintain balanced moisture levels on the skin
  • Recommended for all skin types


The Pure Moisturizer includes Ayurvedic adaptogens eleuthero, schizandra and astragalus to help rejuvenate and harmonize imbalanced, stressed skin conditions. Sea buckthorn seed oil is added for its high omega fatty acid and vitamin C content. These compounds have been found to contribute to a bright and moisture-rich complexion.


Pat a dime-sized amount onto cleansed skin


Adaptogenic herbs

Eleuthero, schizandra and astragalus help hydrate and harmonize stressed and dull-looking skin. Unlike traditional approaches to hydrating the skin, these herbs are gentle enough to apply every day and result in moisturized feel with a matte finish, even on oily skin.

Sea buckthorn oil

Rich in omega-7 fatty acid, sea buckthorn seed oil is known for its positive effects on the skin’s response to oxidative stress. The oil also contains several sources of omega fatty acids, making it a nutrient-dense, natural skin rejuvenator.