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Skin Restoring Acne Serum

sku: 313002

The Skin Restoring Acne Serum is the second step in the SophytoPRO® Skin Restore System. SophytoPRO® is an innovative skin care line that harvests the power of botanicals to promote naturally healthy-looking skin.

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  • Includes salicylic acid derived from wintergreen
  • Clinically studied botanical prebiotics
  • Supports brighter-looking skin


This oil-free serum is specifically designed to purify the skin and promote the elimination of dead cells. It contains phytonutrient actives that penetrate pores, mitigate P. acnes proliferation, and clear acne blemishes at the source. Unlike traditional approaches, treatment with naturally derived salicylic acid helps reclaim microflora balance on the skin and gently and effectively treat acne. Clinically studied organic black currant and pine fermented extract offer prebiotic benefits, while promoting the appearance of a youthful, vibrant complexion.


Pat a couple of drops onto cleansed skin.


Black currant and pine

Studies show an organic, fermented blend of black currant and pine needle can help promote balanced, healthy-looking skin. Initial screening was performed in vitro by measuring the extract against bacterial cultures to estimate organism counts.

Wintergreen: Natural salicylic acid

Obtained by the extraction and purification of wintergreen leaves, this ingredient complies with US regulations for use in OTC topical drug products. It is a completely natural ingredient perfectly suited for acne-prone, as well as scaly and seborrhoeic, skin.

Please note, Skin Restoring Acne Serum is an OTC topical acne drug product that contains 1% natural salicylic acid. The natural salicylic acid meets the OTC Monograph for Acne Treatment.