Message from Dr. Bland


Thought Leaders Consortium 2020: Immune Rejuvenation

The 2020 PLMI annual Thought Leaders Consortium has been reconfigured to be a two-day virtual conference in response to the changing environment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is designed to explore advances that have been made in the understanding of processes associated with alteration of the immune system including epigenetic and mutational factors and their contributions to immuno-senescence and inflammaging. From this perspective, the 2020 virtual conference program will focus on how to modify the immuno-phenotype of the individual to be more resilient and responsive to stress. The concepts of immune autophagy, mitophagy, and immuno-rejuvenation and their clinical relevance will be presented. The program will explore the variety of reducible lifestyle and behavioral factors that influence immune function, and provide clinical “news to use” in how to successfully apply these concepts in patient management.