Gastrointestinal Support


Core Restore

Core Restore®

First, patients must remove the incoming toxin and immunological burden. Core Restore® is a comprehensive 7- or 14-day diet, lifestyle and nutrient program designed to reduce toxic burden and support Phase I and II liver detoxification function. Shop now.

Digestzyme V


Next, patients must replace those factors which might be necessary to help a patient digest an absorb food nutrients. Digestzyme-V is a comprehensive, vegetarian blend of enzymes designed to support digestion and help unlock nutrition from food. Shop now.

Ortho Biotic

Ortho Biotic®

Patients must re-establish an environment with good bacteria that is more friendly to healthy commensal organisms. Ortho Biotic® includes a carefully assembled cast of probiotic organisms to support microflora balance and maintain a healthy environment for vitamin uptake and optimal immune function. Shop now.



Patients must replenish the necessary building blocks for mucosal tissues. InflammaCORE® is an advanced nutritional formula built to address immune challenges, maintain normal inflammatory balance and strengthen gastrointestinal barrier function. Shop now.


Gastrointestinal Support

The gastrointestinal (GI) tract represents our most intimate contact with the external environment. In our lifetimes, we will consume between 30-50 tons of food and host more microbial cells in our gut than human cells in the rest of the body. The GI tract is tasked with the responsibilities of extracting the appropriate nutrients needed to thrive, maintain an appropriate balance of helpful and harmful microbes, and acting as a conduit for waste removal. At the same time, the healthy GI tract prevents the entrance of harmful substances into the body. The GI tract plays a profound role in nearly every segment of human health. GI discomfort can lead to a myriad of challenges that are often best addressed by identifying the root cause. A comprehensive “4 R” approach to gastrointestinal health target key areas, including remove (elimination and detoxification), replace (digestion and absorption), re-establish (microbial balance), and repair (gut barrier integrity).

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Gastrointestinal Support