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Accolades & Certifications

Wisconsin Forward Award logo image

Wisconsin Forward Award logoWe use the Baldrige Excellence Framework to ensure our systems and processes deliver ever-increasing value to our customers and employees. This framework is the foundation of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program and the Wisconsin Forward Award. In 2022, we were named an Excellence recipient of the Wisconsin Forward Award, an annual award only achieved by about 20 companies statewide.

WELCOA Gold award image

In 2020, we achieved Gold status from WELCOA (Wellness Council of America). This designation recognizes the success of our company-wide initiatives to support employee wellness. Our next goal is to achieve Platinum status with this organization.

WELCOA uses seven benchmarks to assess corporate wellness programs and their effectiveness. These benchmarks are:

Leaders throughout the organization are deeply committed to the wellness of employees and are role models of wellness in their own lives. This is an important first component of creating successful worksite wellness initiatives.
Formal or informal wellness teams are representative of the organization and work together to build and sustain a successful worksite wellness initiative. The important step of engaging stakeholders at all levels helps to maintain a collaborative and cooperative approach to worksite wellness initiatives.
Efforts to support employee wellness involve understanding employee populations and assessing the current state through confidential and secure data collection. Data collection should measure what matters most to both the organization and the employees.
Capturing an organization’s goals for wellness initiatives and documenting the details will serve as a roadmap to guide efforts and investments in workplace wellness. The wellness operating plan reflects the vision, values and purpose of an organization.
Selecting appropriate health and wellness interventions based on data collected serves to enhance decision-making skills. It brings the right intervention to an organization in support of employees across the health continuum toward healthy and thriving lives.
Supporting efforts toward healthy employees includes evaluating policies, practices and promotions to ensure the environment helps foster a successful wellness initiative. It is grounded in the core vision and purpose of the organization. Aim to align the wellness culture throughout the organization so there is consistency within resources, interventions and the experience at work.
Each organization strives to develop an understanding of the impact of efforts to support employee wellness. Data collected during evaluation will determine how successful the approach has been and in what ways it can be improved. It also reflects how findings from the evaluation are communicated to ensure continuous improvement efforts in worksite wellness initiatives.
WELCOA Gold award image
Ortho Molecular Products 2015 NBJ Exceptional Growth Momentum in Nutrition Award Ortho Molecular Products 2018 Top Workplace Award
2015 Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) Award
2015 NBJ Exceptional Growth Momentum in Nutrition Award

We were recognized by the Nutrition Business Journal for exceptional growth and increasing momentum in the nutrition industry.


2018 Top Workplace in McHenry County, IL
Ortho Molecular Products 2018 Top Workplace Award

We were voted one of the best healthcare workplaces in our local community.

TGA - USDA Organic - NSF Certification logos

We believe our customers deserve the best. It is what drives our commitment to excellence and the reason we go above and beyond regulatory requirements and voluntarily seek external certification. Our manufacturing facility routinely undergoes rigorous auditing by third parties to ensure our systems are effective. Here are a few ways we demonstrate this commitment:


NSF Certified
NSF provides a voluntary accreditation to verify our systems align with best practices and stay ahead of regulatory requirements. NSF was one of the first certifying bodies to have a national standard specific to dietary supplements and they audit our facility to provide feedback on our performance.

USDA Certified Organic
Our organic certification involves an audit process to ensure the handling and processing of our organic products conform with regulation standards.

TGA Certified
The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is Australia's government authority responsible for evaluating, assessing, and monitoring products that are defined as therapeutic goods, such as dietary supplements. TGA certification assures that our manufacturing practices are in accordance with the rules and regulations to sell in Australia.

TGA - USDA Organic - NSF Certification logo images
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