The independent pharmacy is facing many challenges. The Pharmace in Practice videos offer practical approaches to address these challenges head-on and bring your business to a new level. The video library will provide pharmacy business vision and clinical insights, as well as operational and front-end store expertise. Each video delivers real world perspectives to help the independent pharmacy thrive.


Introduction to Pharmace

Ortho Molecular Products offers many tools to help independent pharmacists succeed in business. Jeff Robins, R.Ph. offers a great overview of how he utilized these tools in his pharmacy to help him connect with his patients and other health care providers, as well as enhance his front-end business.


Differentiating Your Pharmacy

You are competing with big box and chain pharmacies on a daily basis. What can you do to differentiate your store and enhance your bottom line? Jeff Robins, R.Ph. discusses the approaches he has employed to help his pharmacy stand out in his community.


Developing a Pharmacy Business Plan

A yearly business plan is essential to achieving your goals. The pharmacy business plan is all about identifying what you want to accomplish and laying out the steps to make it happen. Jeff Robins, R.Ph. shares his passion and experiences in developing a business plan to help you plan for growth.


Implementing a Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion Solution

Reports show nearly 50% of all adults have at least one prescription medication, and it is common for these medications to deplete critical nutrients. Jeff Robins, R.Ph. reviews his approach to starting conversations with patients about drug-induced nutrient depletion, boosting front-end sales, and enhancing patient care.


Seasonal Rotation of Front-End Products

As pharmacists, we are always looking for creative ways to enhance our bottom line as well as help our patients improve their health. Jeff Robins, R.Ph. will help you understand that a key way to do this is by rotating products and offering promotions on featured products. Seasonal rotation is all about planning, educating your staff, and executing your strategy.

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