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The front-end of Powell Pharmacy in Powell, Ohio doesn’t look like your typical pharmacy. Most of the front-end space is occupied by dietary supplements, along with other items that are part of the preventative pharmacy practice model that Emlah Tubuo, PharmD has created. Not to mention the friendly and helpful staff who greet every patron who walks through the door.

Emlah is originally from Cameroon West Africa. She arrived to the United States by way of O’Hare International Airport in Chicago with $300 in her wallet and a dream to help people understand and improve their health. Read more

For Hamid Abbaspour, RPh, MBA, his independent pharmacy is more than a business; it's a lifeline for many patients.

"We don’t sell products here; we sell solutions," said Abbaspour, owner of Dr. Aziz Pharmacy in Indianapolis, IN. "We find the right solution by listening to our patients' needs and taking the time to educate them on the best options for their health. It’s what sets us apart from the competition." Read more

To grow her independent pharmacy business and become the go-to resource in her community, Jana Bennett, RPh knew she needed to make some major changes, in both the pharmacy front-end and in how she viewed her role as a pharmacist. “Realizing that so many medications deplete nutrients in the body was a huge eye-opener for me. Why didn’t I know that before?” Bennett said. “Educating patients on how they can feel better is really important to me.” Read more

Working Directly with Patients Makes a Difference

The independent pharmacy has many unique opportunities to help patients better understand their medications, their health, and their options. Bill Kalman, owner of Essential Wellness Pharmacy, shares how he has employed these different approaches to help his pharmacy reach annual dietary supplement sales greater than $1.2M, distinguish Essential Wellness Pharmacy from the competition, and enhance the health of his patients.

In many ways, the independent pharmacy is the great equalizer. Patients in all health statuses, income levels and stages of life walk through its doors seeking better health. Still, as a pharmacist, do you ever think some of your patients may not be interested in enhancing their health with professional dietary supplements due to affordability? Read more

Independent pharmacy owner Gregg Russell, RPh knows firsthand the use of dietary supplements is nothing to sneeze at. His daughter experienced severe seasonal challenges and saw little relief from traditional methods. When Gregg introduced her to Natural D-Hist, the results inspired Gregg to learn more about the benefits of dietary supplements and how they could enhance his patients’ health. Dietary supplements would also become a key component of his business growth. Read more

In an industry where every business appears to sell the exact same products to the exact same people, how does a pharmacy differentiate from the competition, without lowering prices? And, with shrinking margins and expanding insurance regulations, how can an independent pharmacy make money while still offering a trusted, high-touch healthcare experience? John Hoeschen, R.Ph., owner of St. Paul Corner Drug in St. Paul, Minnesota, and his team believe all it takes is spending one to two extra minutes with the patients. These one to two minutes will transform your patients’ health, your bottom line and quickly brand your pharmacy as the number one health resource in the community. Read more

As an independent, community pharmacist, you know front-end strategy is crucial to business success, but your time spent working on your pharmacy is limited. You need a robust, proven strategy to boost front-end sales and power revenue. Suzanne Keyes, compounding pharmacist and business owner, shares her journey to becoming an independent pharmacy owner and the success she has achieved implementing the Pharmace program in her practice. Read more

In many of today’s pharmacies, prescription volume and quality interaction with patients contend for pharmacists’ time, and product placement alone is not enough to drive front-end sales. As an independent, community pharmacist, you know front-end strategy is crucial to business success, but your time spent working on your pharmacy is limited. You need a robust, proven strategy to boost front-end sales and power revenue. See how an independent pharmacy utilized the Pharmace program to initiate that strategy and boost front-end sales. Read more

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