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In many of today’s pharmacies, script volume and quality interaction with patients contend for pharmacists’ time, and product placement alone is just not enough to drive front-end sales. As an independent, community pharmacist, you know front-end strategy is crucial to business success, but your time spent working on your pharmacy is limited. You need a robust, proven strategy to boost front-end sales and power revenue.  Pharmace is a suite of solutions dedicated exclusively to helping independent community pharmacies. Comprehensive strategies and tools provide a higher level of education to patients, helping you differentiate your business from “big box” retail stores. Read the latest edition in our Phamace Spotlight Series below.

At College Pharmacy in Ventura, California, front-end strategy was less about strategy, and more about dumb luck.

“Our strategies basically amounted to product placement and hoping a customer would engage us and make a purchase,” said Umesh Manglani, pharmacy manager at College Pharmacy and a pharmacist of 18 years. “Front-end strategies were not something that we gave a lot of thought to in the past.”

That changed in mid-2015, when Manglani met with Matt Major of Ortho Molecular Products and learned about the Pharmace program. The program fills the void of not only patient education on diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation protocols, but also that of pharmacy staff members, Manglani said. This helps pharmacists meet the needs of a growing patient population while empowering patients to take control of their health issues.

“The increase in demand for medical services has resulted in a decline in quality of services offered in various health care settings. This has lead of great dissatisfaction in our patients and more stress on medical staff members,” Manglani said. “Proper education can go a long way in preventing many illnesses.”

In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 83.2% of adults had contact with a health care professional within that year, and this number is expected to be maintained, if not increase. Manglani said the medical community in general needs more education on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction techniques when determining patient protocols.

“Pharmace provides this education to patients and pharmacy staff,” he said. “This program also increases the awareness of proper nutritional supplementation and [Ortho Molecular Products] responsibly sources their raw material for manufacturing high-quality formulations.”

College Pharmacy uses the Pharmace  RepleteBag Stuffer, and  Point-of-Purchase programs, and staff members participate in quarterly Pharmace in Practice webinars. Since starting the Pharmace program in October of 2015, College Pharmacy has seen a significant increase in sales.

“Pharmace has definitely increased our business and set us apart from big-box competition,” Manglani said.

Using an array Pharmace program resources to implement a front-end strategy and bolster sales goals coincides with College Pharmacy’s holistic approach to achieving improved patient wellness. This in-depth understanding of business acumen and patient care has paid dividends for College Pharmacy, and Manglani said he expects this growth to sustain.

“Patients like the products, and will keep coming back for support and advice. They will return the love and support with loyalty and respect,” he said.


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