Natural D-Hist – Managing Seasonal Challenges Without Drowsiness

Seasonal challenges can keep patients from enjoying the outdoors. See how Natural D-Hist offers an effective, natural approach to managing seasonal discomfort and decreasing histamine release without drowsiness.


Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin

Vitamin D deficiency is at a near-epidemic level. This video will help you understand the important role vitamin D plays in overall health, as well as the different forms available for supplementation.


CoQ-10 – Antioxidant and Energy Production

CoQ-10 is an important nutrient that plays a critical role in energy production and antioxidation throughout the body. See how CoQ-10 is used in the body and how it can be depleted by common prescription medications.


Ortho Biotic – Well-Balanced, Targeted Probiotics

All probiotics are not the same. Watch this video to see how Ortho Biotic contains an effective bacterial balance and offers stability and precision in a non-refrigerated capsule form.


Sinatrol & Natranix – Upper Respiratory Support

Many adults and kids need immediate upper respiratory support. See how Sinatrol and Natranix offer natural blends for sinus and throat support.


Viracid & Imu-Max – Immediate Immune Support

Viracid and Imu-Max offer immediate immune support in adult- and kid-strength formulas. View the video to see how the all-natural ingredients help boost immune cell function, soothe throat irritations and maintain normal inflammatory balance.


Methyl B Complex – Essential B Vitamins in the Active Form

The B vitamins are essential throughout the body. Watch this video to explore the key mechanisms of B vitamins and learn about the benefits of Methyl B Complex.

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