Investing in Solutions Sets Pharmacy Apart

Investing in Solutions Sets Pharmacy Apart

For Hamid Abbaspour, RPh, MBA, his independent pharmacy is more than a business; it’s a lifeline for many patients.

“We don’t sell products here; we sell solutions,” said Abbaspour, owner of Dr. Aziz Pharmacy in Indianapolis, IN. “We find the right solution by listening to our patients’ needs and taking the time to educate them on the best options for their health. It’s what sets us apart from the competition.”

With that mindset, Abbaspour and his 30-person staff seek to convert patients to high-quality dietary supplement products and ensure they are well-informed about the benefits of nutrition and lifestyle when managing health challenges. The team also works with conventional medicine providers and their patients in the area to help them understand these benefits. The goal is to help patients avoid purchasing supplements online or from sub-standard suppliers, where quality and efficacy are questionable.

Dietary supplements currently account for approximately $40,000 per month in sales, up from about $5,000 per month just five years ago. There was a time, however, when Abbaspour saw opportunity for growth in the pharmacy, but felt challenged to make that opportunity a reality. The team needed a plan.

“By working closely with our Account Executive from Ortho Molecular Products, we were able to develop a strategic plan to set goals and engage our team. This investment of time and planning has paid off immensely,” said Abbaspour.

Abbaspour also invests in continuing education opportunities for himself and his staff to ensure the entire team is up to date on the latest research and methodologies. He is a regular attendee of the annual Pharmacy Symposium, which Ortho Molecular Products sponsors, and says the experience has been so rewarding.

The clinical knowledge and pharmacy business know-how gained over the years have set Abbaspour on a path to success, yet one truth keeps him focused on continually honing his craft.

“It all boils down to making the pharmacy and staff a partner for patients in their health care journey. And not only patients—other health care practitioners, too. When pharmacists, the most accessible health care professional, are well-informed and providing solutions, everyone wins.”

Tips for Independent Pharmacists to Grow Their Businesses

  • Develop a strategic plan with actionable goals.
  • Partner with your Account Executive from Ortho Molecular Products to educate pharmacy staff and give them the tools they need to succeed.
  • Listen to the customers who walk into your pharmacy and help them find a solution. Anyone can be a candidate for a conversation about nutrition and a potential sale.
  • Inform and educate patients on the benefits of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
  • Make time for strategic planning, goal setting, and continuing education.
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