A Dose of Dietary Supplements and Local Connections Strengthen Independent Pharmacy’s Business

Independent pharmacy owner Gregg Russell, RPh knows firsthand the use of dietary supplements is nothing to sneeze at. His daughter experienced severe seasonal challenges and saw little relief from traditional methods. When Gregg introduced her to Natural D-Hist, the results inspired Gregg to learn more about the benefits of dietary supplements and how they could enhance his patients’ health. Dietary supplements would also become a key component of his business growth.

To spread the word about the offerings at Fort Wayne Custom Rx, Gregg reached out to top-prescribing doctors in his community. For example, he contacted area podiatrists to let them know his pharmacy can provide antifungals. “With health care providers, I always highlight these two points: one, that Fort Wayne Custom Rx offers compounding services not offered by other pharmacies; and two, our pharmacy carries professional-grade dietary supplements and counsels patients on appropriate use and wellness,” Gregg said.

This approach to business development has significantly enhanced the pharmacy’s front-end business, which has grown 10% per year over the past 3 years. The health care providers in Gregg’s community refer approximately 75-100 patients every month for wellness assessments and/or dietary supplement recommendations. In January, the pharmacy initiated a patient follow-up process that includes a call to the patient at four weeks and eight weeks into the program. The pharmacy sends a progress report to the referring provider to keep them in the loop on the patient’s progress. In this process, Gregg said, patients see a significant difference in their overall health and accountability in maintaining their health.

While Gregg is proud of the progress made at Fort Wayne Custom Rx, he knows there is more work to be done. His future plans include visiting new providers in the area to promote the services offered by the pharmacy, and identifying new ways to partner with chiropractors in his community.

Despite rapid business growth, Gregg and his staff remain true to the mission of Fort Wayne Custom Rx, and it is more than just filling prescriptions.

“It is one thing to fill someone’s Lisinopril, but it is even better to use the knowledge we have to help patients get better and understand their health. Our knowledge is the big difference,” Gregg said.

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