Vitamin K: The Real Story and Benefits of This Vital Nutrient

September 13, 2023
6:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. CDT

Vitamin K plays a critical role in maintaining bone and cardiovascular health. Many of us think of calcium and vitamin D for bone development, but vitamin K is required for proper utilization of calcium and helps bind calcium to the bone matrix. Vitamin K also provides cardiovascular protection by activating proteins that inhibit circulatory calcification.

We must also consider the significant difference between vitamin K1 and vitamin K2. In a large population study, those who consumed high amounts of vitamin K2 had significantly improved cardiovascular markers compared to those given vitamin K1. Studies have also shown vitamin K2 to support healthy blood sugar metabolism. We will discuss the research and more during this can’t-miss webinar event.

Join Jeff Robins, RPh as he discusses the following during the webinar:

  • The importance of dietary sources of vitamin K
  • The different forms and subclasses of vitamin K
  • The role of vitamin K in bone synthesis
  • The role of vitamin K in supporting the cardiovascular system and normal blood sugar balance
  • The significance of vitamin K depletion in the patient population

Jeff Robins, RPh

Jeff has been a compounding pharmacist for 25 years and likes to speak of himself as the pharmacist who dislikes drugs. Jeff owned the remarkably successful Essential Wellness Pharmacy where he grew the annual sales of supplements to over $1.1 million. Jeff is an Advanced Fellow with the American College of Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine through the University of Southern Florida and he is the owner of Summit Functional Consulting. He is passionate about educating people and giving them a chance to make informed decisions about their health and healthcare.

Jeff Robins RPh photo

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