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Option #1

If you’re looking for a daily probiotic supplement, we have a great option for you: Ortho Biotic® from #OrthoMolecularProducts. Ortho Biotic® is a unique formula specifically designed to deliver active probiotic organisms to reinforce your microbiome, strengthen the gut lining, and create a smarter, faster immune response. Included in this formula is Saccharomyces boulardii, an extensively researched probiotic shown to bind and crowd out unwanted bacteria to help maintain normal inflammatory balance. #probiotics #OrthoBiotic #guthealth #immunehealth #immunesystem

Option #2

Now more than ever, probiotics are in the research spotlight for their role in supporting immune health and the gut microbiome. It’s important to choose a probiotic supplement backed by research and trusted by clinicians for reliability and effectiveness. We offer Ortho Biotic® from #OrthoMolecularProducts because we trust the formula and the research data that supports it. Ask us for more information on this practitioner-trusted, research-backed daily probiotic! #probiotics #OrthoBiotic #guthealth #immunehealth #immunesystem

Option #3

Did you know? The strains of probiotics in Ortho Biotic® are protected from moisture, heat, light and oxygen using advanced encapsulation technology. They remain preserved until they are released on-target in the GI tract for maximum benefit and reliable results, with guaranteed potency at expiration. #probiotics #OrthoBiotic #guthealth #immunehealth #immunesystem #OrthoMolecularProducts

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