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Option #1

Would you like added protection against seasonal challenges? High-dose probiotics like Ortho Biotic® 100 are shown to genetically activate your immune response to strengthen your defenses against unwelcome bugs. Visit our office to check out Ortho Biotic®100, the high-dose probiotic to help activate your immune system. #probiotics #OrthoBiotic100 #guthealth #immunehealth #immunesystem #OrthoMolecularProducts

Option #2

We try our best to defend ourselves from unwanted bugs, but sometimes we need a little help. Intensive GI support from high-dose probiotics like Ortho Biotic® 100 are shown to provide enhanced mucosal immunity, helping to defend against invading bugs. #probiotics #OrthoBiotic100 #guthealth #immunehealth #immunesystem #OrthoMolecularProducts

Option #3

Did you know that 50 million Americans are living with an autoimmune condition? Keeping your gut barrier in tip-top shape with the right probiotic can make all the difference. Ortho Biotic® 100 is a unique probiotic that supports GI barrier integrity in patients with leaky gut and autoimmunity. Give my office a call today to learn more about Ortho Biotic® 100! #probiotics #OrthoBiotic100 #guthealth #immunehealth #immunesystem #OrthoMolecularProducts

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