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We often take for granted that our kids get all the nutrients they need from their diets. But in today’s world, this might not be true. Soil degradation and farming practices have left our food void of many necessary nutrients for growing kids. SuperNutes are chewable multivitamins that offer the most absorbable nutrients in optimal amounts. Ask us how you can best support your kids’ nutrition with SuperNutes! #supernutes #orthomolecularproducts #vitamin #multivitamin #kidsvitamin #kidsnutrition #healthykids

Option #2

Even with our best efforts, our kids will most likely choose processed foods from time to time. Processed food is often depleted of important nutrients needed for normal growth and good health. SuperNutes provides all the nutrients kids need, using high-quality ingredients at optimal amounts. Try SuperNutes today! #supernutes #orthomolecularproducts #vitamin #multivitamin #kidsvitamin #kidsnutrition #healthykids

Option #3

As parents, we want the best for our kids. This includes the best food for growth and development. Today’s food choices might not always provide optimal nutrients to keep our kids healthy. SuperNutes provides high-quality nutrition in delicious chewable tablets to keep kids growing healthy and strong. #supernutes #orthomolecularproducts #vitamin #multivitamin #kidsvitamin #kidsnutrition #healthykids

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