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Special Offer

A Major Breakthrough in Turmeric Delivery

Turiva is the only full-spectrum turmeric supplement standardized to contain 45%–55% curcuminoids, 2%-6% turmerin protein and 3%-8% volatile oil. Studies show other turmeric compounds, in addition to curcumin, have profound therapeutic effects. Buy 12, get 2 free* with promo code CTM20

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*Cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or discount. Applies to Ortho Molecular Products brand only. Qualifying orders must be 12, 60-count bottles of Turiva. Offer expires 8/31/20.
Complete Turmeric Matrix

Don't Bypass the Gut

The Microbiome as a Key Target of Turmeric

1. Helps Detoxify Endotoxins

Complete Turmeric Matrix maintains levels of intestinal alkaline phosphatase (IAP) and helps balance endotoxin effect.

2. Creates Microbial Balance

Complete Turmeric Matrix supports the abundance of beneficial bacteria, including Bifidobacteria, Lactobacilli and butyrate-producing bacteria.

3. Modulates Immune Signals

Complete Turmeric Matrix binds to MD2 protein domain of TLR-4 and blocks the attachment of endotoxins, reducing the signaling cascade of IL-6, TNF-alpha, NfKb.


Better Absorption Doesn't Equal Better Efficacy

Is your turmeric supplement missing something?


Compounds Designed to Work Together

After years of focusing on concentrating curcumin and attempting to enhance its absorption, new research of curcumin-free turmeric extracts shows improved efficacy when the complete matrix of turmeric compounds is delivered together.

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Compounds Designed to Work in the Gut

A growing number of studies shows curcumin, specifically in combination with its derivatives, has direct regulating effects on the gut microbiota.