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Orthomega Family

70% Greater Absorption

The triglyceride form of omega-3 fish oil has significant superior absorption compared to the ethyl ester form commonly used in fish oil supplements.

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Did You Know?

In a 150-patient, head-to-head study examining the ability of fish oil to raise omega-3 index, the triglyceride form had 15% better red blood cell (RBC) saturation than the ethyl ester form.

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The Best is The Only Option

When the many benefits of omega-3 fish oil began to flood the dietary supplement market, we set one goal: To raise the standard with the highest-potency, triglyceride fish oil available in the professional channel.


What Patients Need to Know

The triglyceride form of fish oil has a natural glycerol backbone for easy enzymatic digestion and 70% more absorption than ethyl ester forms used in many fish oil supplements. The TRUglyceride process ensures each product in the Orthomega® family delivers ultra-pure, high-concentration fish oil in the triglyceride form.