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The Ortho Molecular Products Probiotic Family

For more than three decades, we’ve stayed true to our commitment to the professional channel with innovative formulations based on scientific research, high-quality raw ingredients and therapeutic potency. Our complete line of probiotics exemplifies that commitment. As research on the microbiome and probiotics has expanded exponentially, so too have our efforts to adapt and innovate our formulas. The result is a complete line of probiotic products trusted by thousands of clinicians.

As a practitioner navigating the many probiotic options in the professional channel, you have important factors to consider, factors that ensure you are offering the best probiotic supplements to your patients for the best clinical results.

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Choosing the Right Product for Your Patients

Our probiotics are formulated for specific applications, from general maintenance to advanced support. Use this chart to help you decide when to use each product with your patients.


  Product Bottle Use CFU++ Resources*
Probiotic 225 Probiotic 225 100 product image
  • Acute GI and Immune Support
  • Inflammatory Balance
225 Billion - Social media
Ortho Biotic® 100 Ortho Biotic® 100 product image
  • Intensive GI Support
  • Immune Balance
  • GI Barrier Protection
100 Billion - Social media
Ortho Spore IG Ortho Spore IG™ product image
  • SIBO and GI Barrier Protection
4 Billion Bacillus
- Social media
Ortho Biotic® Ortho Biotic® product image
  • Broad-Spectrum GI Support
  • Microbiome Protection
20 Billion + 3 Billion
S. boulardii

- Social media
Saccharomyces boulardii Saccharomyces Boulardii product image
  • Occasional Diarrhea
5 Billion - Social media
Flora Bites Flora Bites product image
  • GI Health and Maintenance
5 Billion - Social media

FloraBoost product image
  • Broad-Spectrum GI Support
5 Billion + 1 Billion
S. boulardii
- Social media
        ++Colony Forming Units  
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The Ortho Difference

With approximately 500 different subspecies of bacteria contained in the human GI tract, biodiversity and balance are likely more important in the microbiome than the prominence of only a few species. Certain bacterial subspecies are known to reside only in very particular parts of the GI tract. Because of this, efficacious probiotic supplementation provides a broad number of probiotic strains. Each strain has a slightly different range of metabolic and protective functions and may occupy a different micro-environmental niche within the GI tract. The multi-strain approach allows robust support for more commensal organisms along the entire GI tract.

This phylogenetic tree below represents the diversity and symbiotic nature of probiotics, which mimics the diversity of the microbiome. Selecting strains from each genetically unique group is the ideal for probiotic potential and how we formulate for unmatched efficacy.

Phylogenetic Tree

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Engineering Probiotic Efficacy

We formulate probiotic supplements using proven science and manufacturing practices that ensure the highest efficacy. Probiotics are live organisms and, to be effective, they must be shelf-stable through the expiration date and precisely delivered to the intestinal tract, where they can have maximum benefit. BioShield® technology is an innovative manufacturing process developed to ensure consistent and reliable results. The microorganisms in our probiotics are protected, sealed and freeze dried away from moisture, heat, light and oxygen. This allows the bacteria to remain dormant until they are exposed to moisture in the GI tract. This innovative process also guarantees probiotic potency at expiration without the need for refrigeration.

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