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Core Restore®

Encourage your patients to fill out the interactive Toxic Burden Questionnaire and share the results with you digitally.

Toxic Burden Questionnaire
Core Restore 7-Day Kit product image
Core Restore 7-Day Kit product image

The New and Improved Core Restore® Program

For years, Core Restore® has been a trusted nutritional solution for optimizing biotransformation and improving patient outcomes. We’ve recently refreshed the formula to include the same nutrients you trust, now combined with additional energy and elimination support to deliver a comprehensive protocol for all phases of biotransformation. In addition, we have made the program even easier for you and your patients to follow, helping to improve patient engagement and compliance.

What's Inside the Core Restore® Kit

7-Day Core Restore® Kit

  • (1x) Core Support – Either Chocolate or French Vanilla
  • (1x) MitoCORE® – 28 capsules
  • (1x) PhytoCore – 20 capsules
  • (1x) 7-Day Patient Handbook

14-Day Core Restore® Kit

  • (2x) Core Support – Either Chocolate or French Vanilla
  • (1x) MitoCORE® – 56 capsules
  • (1x) PhytoCore – 58 capsules
  • (1x) 14-Day Patient Handbook

Detox with Your Doctor Events

A group event provides the ideal setting to empower patients and promote the benefits of clinically supervised detoxification. A group session offers a new and more satisfying way for patients to interact with you and your staff, makes efficient use of your time and resources, improves access to information, and leverages the accountability benefits of the group dynamic to help motivate behavior change and improve patient compliance. We provide everything you need to promote and run a successful group detoxification event with your patients.

In-Office Event Signs

Download customizable in-office countertop signs that share the Core Restore® program's benefits to effectively promote your group detoxification event to patients.

In-Office Poster

Display the posters in your office to educate your patients about the importance of detoxification. The Toxic Burden Poster demonstrates how toxins affect body systems and common symptoms associated with toxic burden. The Sustain a Healthy Weight Poster illustrates how high toxic load contributes to weight loss resistance and why detoxification can help.

Detoxification Presentation

View the presentation for inspiration and guidance on conducting a group event, or share it with your patients to help them learn more about the benefits of the Core Restore® program.

Resource and Promotion Guide

The Resource and Promotion Guide provides guidelines and a checklist for everything you need to promote and run a successful group detoxification event with your patients.

Event Promotion Email

Personalize the event promotion email template and then send it to patients to encourage them to register for your Core Restore® group event.


Download a newsletter with more information on how the biotransformation process works and the nutrients that optimize it.


Detox with Your Doctor in Four Simple Steps


Pick a start date and promote the event to patients using the customizable in-office countertop sign, in-office posters and event promotion email. We recommend promoting the detoxification event at least four to six weeks before the event start date.


Ask your patients to complete the Toxic Burden Questionnaire to identify symptoms associated with toxic burden. Use the event promotion email to invite additional patients who you think would benefit from the Core Restore® program.


Host a kick-off event! Give an informative presentation that empowers your patients to make healthy choices and shares how the Core Restore® program supports detoxification for optimal health.


Direct patients to refer back often to the Patient Handbook for support. Encourage patients to visit the Patient Resource Page before they start the program to sign up for daily encouragement emails and download the patient newsletter or additional recipes.

Additional Resources for Patients and Practitioners

We provide dedicated resources to support both you and your patients during the Core Restore® program.

Toxic Burden Questionnaire

Prior to or after recommending the Core Restore® program, encourage your patients to complete the Toxic Burden Questionnaire to help determine their potential toxic burden.

Patient Education Video

Download a patient education video explaining the benefits of Core Restore® that is ready to share in marketing emails and on social media.

Patient Resource Page

The Patient Resource Page is a hub of information for patients on the Core Restore® program. They can sign up for daily encouragement emails to help keep them motivated and on track with the program.

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Product Detail Note

Learn more about the science behind the Core Restore® program from our product detail notes.


For smooth, delicious Core Restore® shakes every time, stock up on these convenient bottles for your patients.

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